Blazes are hostile entities from Mojang's Minecraft franchise.

Description Edit

Found exclusively in the Nether, and more specifically in Nether Fortresses, Blazes are strange creatures composed of a central fiery head featuring only a pair of eyes surrounded by a series of yellow rods which slowly revolve around the Blaze's vertical axis; their entire form is enveloped by a wreath of flames and smoke. They are very tough opponents, both offensively and defensively, but upon death will drop Blaze Rods, an item essential in the creation of magical potions.

Powers and Weaknesses Edit

Powers Edit

  • Flaming Projectiles: Blazes are capable of shooting balls of flame from a respectable distance at a player. They will typically launch these fireballs in three shot bursts with a five-second interval between volleys. In addition to damaging an opponent, this attack will also set the target alight.
  • Extrasensory Perception: Blazes are capable of detecting a player within a large radius, whether it has a line of sight to its prey or not. The Blaze will then alert all others of its kind within an equal distance to the presence of said target if it is damaged, making tackling individual Blazes a difficult task indeed.
  • Flight: Although a Blaze will remain on the ground when passive, once it has a target it will fly into the air to initiate it's fireball attack. This ensures that engaging a Blaze without some form of ranged weapon is a tricky prospect, unless the player is somehow able to manoeuvre it into a an area with a low ceiling.
  • Immunity to Fire: These mobs are invulnerable to any type of fire damage, be it flaming attacks, Potions of Fire Damage or immersion in lava.  

Weaknesses Edit

  • Water Susceptibility: Blazes are vulnerable to water in all its forms; puddles, lakes and rivers will damage them if they are somehow pushed into them (although they will avoid these hazards whilst moving of their own accord), and even rain will cause a Blaze harm. In addition, these creatures are the only entities in the Minecraft world who will take damage from a Snow Golem's snowball attack, making large numbers of Snow Golems highly effective (if short lived, due to the fact that the Nether is innately hostile to them) Blaze-killers.

Trivia Edit

  • Although a Blaze's fireball attack will set the player aflame, it's melee attack will not, and is not even considered fire damage for game purposes.      

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