Blastoise RG

Blastoise is a first-generation Water-type Pokémon. It is the evolved form of Wartortle and the final evolution of Squirtle.

Pokédex Data Edit

When Wartortle evolves, its size and strength increase significantly. Its skin and its shell become thicker and stronger, making it more resistant to certain attacks but hampers its flexibility. What Blastoise lacks in speed, it makes up for with its defence and attack stats. Emerging from within its shell are two extensions that function like cannons, firing blasts of water at extremely high pressure. The water blasts are so powerful that they can smash straight through a concrete wall.

Special Abilities Edit

Below is a list of some of Blastoise's common abilities.

  • Withdraw - Blastoise retreats into its shell to protect itself from attacks.
  • Hydro Pump - The cannons on Blastoise's back launch projectiles of highly-pressurized water that inflict massive damage.
  • Iron Defence - Blastoise's shell becomes even harder and more resilient.
  • Surf - While slow on land, Blastoise can quickly propel itself through water. It can even ride tremendous waves and come crashing down upon its opponents.

Mega Evolution Edit


In Pokémon X/Y, Blastoise can be transformed into Mega Blastoise using the Mega Stone Blastoisinite. In its Mega form, its shell hardens and a smaller shell forms on each of its forearms. These smaller shells each have a gun that fires water bullets and the two cannons on its back are replaced by one large cannon similar to that of a tank.

The Mega Evolution is temporary and only occurs during battle if the Trainer is carrying a Mega Ring and the Blastoise holds the corresponding Mega Stone.

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