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Local lookout like the gerontocracy sive brade ell plus pol,imaju tropical oči, a nose sheepskin coat these claret-colored hood plus strapped softsoled footwear. iskaču iz plamena i pomažu dobrim ljudima. uvijek valja cijeniti njihov rad. škripa i zvuci što se čuju noću dokaz je da kućanske poslove primjerice pere suđe i mete.

Crude translation of last sentence: skip flames and help good people. Always enjoy their work. creaks and noises theyhear at night is proof that household chores like dishes washed and the target.

To caputre a black dog:(warnin, plz dont do this if you dont know what u are doing)do this on a full moon. Orange moon(blood moon/lunar eclips)

1. Mix sut, sulfur, viniger, and holy water.

2. Put solid silver holy bowl. (wash in holy water before using )

3. Leave out on a rock(or something like so) outside with a tray of salted and washed,in holy water, lamb chop.

4. Wait till you hear the sound of an injured dove or bird (that is how the dog attracts it pray) and grab a washed rope and a iron or black metal large dog cage. Dont look into the eyes. It with possess. Rap legs,tail, head, and muzzle with rope stick the black dog in cage.

5. Don't keep the beast kill it as soon as possible. Plz be safe because if you don't kill the dog sooner than later, it will kill you.

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