"Should you become 'unpleasant' to our eyes, you will face severe consequences." - Bitores Mendez, Resident Evil 4

Bitores Mendez is a character from Resident Evil 4. A tall, imposing man with an unkempt beard and wearing a dirty trenchcoat, this man is a leading member of the Los Illuminados and the chief of the small rural village Pueblo. Hosting a dominant-strain Plaga, Mendez is able to control the Ganado villagers as his puppets.


Mendez's only known history is included in the Kennedy Report. During Leon Kennedy's investigation of the village in 2004, Mendez led the hunt for him and the escaped Luis Sera, leaving behind notes of his strategies in order to trap the agent. After Leon rescued Ashley Graham from the village church, Mendez sent an army of Ganados to get her back only for them to fail.

After Leon succeeded in fending off a Gigante and a large horde of Ganados, Mendez took matters into his own hands and fought Leon himself inside an empty slaughterhouse. After Leon shot an oil drum and set the building ablaze, Mendez transformed into a horrific mutant state, attacking with long talons and several smaller insectoid limbs extending from his elongated spinal column. Leon proved to be too cunning and resilient for the village chief to handle and so he was killed by the agent.

Physical Attributes

Mendez Mutant

Before mutating, Mendez appears as a tall, well-built bald male with a long, messy beard. He wears a dirty trenchcoat and his left eye is fake; the artificial organ is actually a digital key that he uses to pass through the gates between the village and Castle Salazar. He possesses incredible strength, capable of lifting a man off the ground single-handedly and can also shrug off impacts from bullets.

When Leon fought him inside the slaughterhouse, Mendez mutated into a grotesque, inhuman form. His fingernails became elongated, sharp talons; a pair of segmented limbs burst from his back, and his torso was split by a thick, spinal column-like structure edged by tiny, moving legs, greatly increasing his already impressive height. Even severing him below the waist failed to kill him in this form, and in fact increased his mobility; he used the limbs on his back to grab onto wooden beams.