Biollante in Godzilla vs. Biollante

Biollante (ビオランテ, Biorante) is a rose-human-Godzilla tribrid monster that appears in the movie Godzilla vs. Biollante.


At first, Biollante resembles a giant rose with teeth inside of its bud. In her final form, Biollante looks like a gigantic carnivorous plant with a Mosasaur-like head, with a mouth lined with thousands of sharp teeth. In both forms, Biollante possesses an endless supply of tendrils. In her rose form, Biollante is 85 meters tall and weighs 100,000 tons. In her final form, Biollante increases to 120 meters in height and weighs 200,000 tons.


Biollante is the result of unauthorized genetic experiments that combined human, rose, and Godzilla DNA in an attempt to preserve a scientist's dead daughter.


Godzilla vs. BiollanteEdit

Biollante was originally a Japanese botanist named Erika Shiragami who worked at her father's laboratory in the Middle Eastern country of Saradia. Erika was killed in a terrorist bombing at the laboratory, which devastated her father, a geneticist named Genshiro Shiragami. Five years later, Shiragami had moved back to Japan and injected some of Erika's cells into a rosebush, hoping to preserve her genetic material. After an earthquake destroyed the terrarium containing the rosebush, Shiragami appropriated some Godzilla cells from the Japanese government after agreeing to help in making an anti-Godzilla bio weapon from them. In reality, Shiragami planned to use the cells to keep the one surviving rose from the bush alive. Shiragami successfully blended the cells together, apparently creating an immortal rose. However, the rose began to grow out of control, becoming sentient and increasingly violent. The rose attacked a group of intruders that broke into Shiragami's lab and escaped to Lake Ashinoko, where it took root and grew to 85 meters in height. Dr. Shiragami named the creature Biollante after a plant spirit from Norse mythology. Confused, Biollante called out to any kindred spirit, unwittingly drawing the attanetion of Godzilla, who had recently escaped his volcanic prison. Godzilla arrived at Lake Ashinoko to observe the strange plant creature. Biollante panicked and attacked Godzilla, sparking a fierce battle. Godzilla's atomic breath had an abnormal effect on Biollante's cell division, forcing her to break apart into spores of energy and retreat. Later, Biollante returned in her final evolved form to do battle with Godzilla on the Wakasa plain. Biollante seriously injured Godzilla and thanks to Godzilla being weakened by the Anti-Nuclear Energy Bacteria was able to fight him to a draw. Biollante then broke apart into energy spores again and ascended to space, with Erika's spirit bidding farewell to her father just before departing. Biollante then becomes visible as a giant rosebud floating above the Earth.


  • Vines - In both of her forms, Biollante possesses a seemingly endless supply of vines. These vines vary in being used as whips or tipped with spears or even possessing small heads capable of spitting corrosive sap. In her Rose Form, Biollante can use her vines to form a defensive wall in front of herself to block enemy attacks.
  • Corrosive Sap Spray - Biollante can fire a deadly corrosive sap from the heads on her vines, and in her final form she can spit a stream of the sap directly from her head. The sap is powerful enough to temporarily blind Godzilla.
  • Biting - Biollante's mouth is lined with thousands of sharp teeth and flanked by large tusks. Biollante can bite down on her enemies with tremendous force.
  • Regeneration - Thanks to her Godzilla cells, Biollante can regenerate damage at an impressive rate. Biollante is able to constantly produce vines even if her opponent is destroying them. Biollante was also able to regenerate the back of her head in a matter of seconds after Godzilla blew it up with his atomic breath.
  • Immortality - Biollante is immortal and can never truly die. If her physical form is destroyed, Biollante can break apart into energy spores and float away to recover.


Biollante's weak point in both forms is a fleshy sac located on her abdomen. Direct hits to this region cause Biollante to hemorrhage and degenerate. In her rose form, Biollante's cell division was adversely affected by Godzilla's atomic breath, but in her final form this weakness seemed to no longer be present.


Rose FormEdit

Biollante Rose Form

Biollante's Rose Form

After escaping Shiragami's lab and taking root in Lake Ashinoko, Biollante took the form of a gigantic rose with teeth in her bud. Biollante is immobile in this form and can only attack with her vines.

Final FormEdit

Biollante Final Form

Biollante's Final Form

In her final form, Biollante became more Godzilla than plant, bearing a massive body and a fearsome crocodilian head. She also possesses far more attacks in this form.


  • Biollante is the heaviest monster in the Godzilla films, though Bagan from the video game Super Godzilla weighs more than her.
  • Biollante is the first monster in the series to possess Godzilla's DNA, later monsters being SpaceGodzilla, Orga, Megaguirus, and Kiryu.
  • Biollante is the only monster in the Godzilla series to not be an animal or a robot. Rather, she is a plant.
  • Biollante, Godzilla, and Godzilla Junior are the only monsters in the Heisei series that cannot fly.

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