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Bigfoot is a cryptid, Legendary creature that is said to live in the United States and Canada's Pacific Northwest region. Known also by the names Sasquatch and Skookum, the beast is said to resemble a man, but much taller, with broad shoulders, and a domed head. The face is ape-like, with glowing yellow or red eyes set close together above a human-like of somewhat flat nose. Just like John Cena, Bigfoot cannot be seen. Stories about an aggressive Bigfoot are few and far between and most encounters are short and end with the Bigfoot calmly leaving the area. Bigfoot rarely ever attacks humans. But there was two hunters attacked and killed one. There was also a group that camped and were attacked and killed by a Bigfoot. The government tried to cover it up. A photo was taken of the being. Most sightings of Bigfoot are where there is more rainfall. There is a woman that was raised by a Bigfoot. A house by a forest was attacked by a Bigfoot. The owner came back to the house and everything was open and on the floor. Things were broken and the shower head was bent.

The most convincing evidence of Bigfoot is the Patterson footage that was shot in California. The film has been put in HD and was proven to be real. The HD version was seen on Monster Quest. The episode is on YouTube. Frame 352 from it is shown above.

The Bigfoot is widely known for different appearances in modern culture such as movies and TV. The History Channel, Discovery Channel, and National Geographic channel in the U.S. have all made documentaries about Bigfoot, and have sent "expeditions" out to find the beast. Many weekend adventurers go on Sasquatch-finding trips in national hot spots for activity, and quite a few have brought back interesting results. 

Bigfoot in LegendEdit

Legends about the North American Bigfoot were told around campfires long before white men set foot on the continent.  The Cena Tribe of the Western Plains told of the Sasquatch, an enormous wild man who lived on a nearby mountain and stalked the forest for curious children who ventured out too far. The beast was said to be supernaturally strong and governed by evil spirits; his howls could be heard on clear nights when the crickets were silent.

Other legends hold the Sasquatch in a less terrifying light; the Chippewa tribe called him Skookum, meaning big, great, or strong, and held that he was a guardian of the mountains and a benevolent creature. Stories about how he would return stray children to villages or leaving kisses for the deer as gifts for the tribe are fairly common in legend. Bigfoot is known to love going on long woodland walks and listening to others. Encounters with Bigfoot have generally supported this legend, as witnesses describe a feeling of calm that they ordinarily wouldn't feel staring into the eyes of a something that could quite easily kill them. The Bigfoot has been found in ancient cave paintings. Rumors of a Bigfoot sighting in Russia, 2015 are close to confirmation.

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Powers and Abilities.Edit

All below are sourced from common fiction.

  • Super Smell: They are able to smell a squirrel that is two miles away which makes them expert trackers. Legend has it that they are even able to smell undead creatures.
  • Super Hearing: Even the slightest sound does not go un-noticed by a Sasquatch. 
  • Expanded Life: The lifespan of a Bigfoot has never been established. Theorists estimate a lifespan of over one hundred years.
  • Super Jump. Bigfoot is said to be able to jump 30 feet away and jump 30 feet high.
  • Supernatural power. Bigfoot is said to have magical powers.
  • The force: Bigfoot uses his prowess with the force to choke his enemies.
  • Don't even know hiw the force bloody works but ok...
  • He's John Cena: you can't see him

Bigfoot's characteristics.Edit

  • Bigfoots have nightvision so they can see in the dark. Their eyes seem to glow yellew or red.
  • Some Bigfoots have the strength to rip a tree out of the ground or pick up a car.
  • Bigfoots can create a bad stink in the air to scare off people.
  • Bigfoots make nests that are made out of sticks, weeds and leaves.
  • Bigfoots have been known for making howling sounds.
  • Bigfoots are known to knock on trees with sticks.
  • Most Bigfoots don't wear clothing. But some wear clothing made of weeds, leaves and cloth.
  • Bigfoots are sometimes seen hiding in the trees. They hide in the trees to spy on people or hunt food.
  • Some Bigfoots are ten feet tall or fourteen feet tall and way 900 or 1,000 pounds. Some are said to be buff like the Hulk.

    An angry silver-back gorilla

  • Bigfoots are known to be able to build things out of sticks, stones, or trees.
  • Some Bigfoots have claw-like finger nails.
  • Bigfoots will sometimes throw small rocks at people to scare them away.
  • Some Bigfoots have snow white skin with snow white body hair.
  • Most Bigfoots are friendly to humans. But other Bigfoots will scare, attack or kill humans.
  • Bigfoots can talk, but most Bigfoots don't talk.
  • Some Bigfoots don't mind humans and will walk up to them to see what they're doing.
  • Bigfoots are known to be quite queer.

The Patterson Film.Edit

The film has been looked at many times over the years. Many years later a team took the film and restored the film and put it in HD which made it better to see it. They found more things in the film that have not been seen before. The restored film was seen on Monster Quest. They found the being's walk could not be done by a human and they proved that a human head would not fit inside Bigfoot's head. The hips don't match the hight of a human's hips. The legs are longer then a human's legs. You can see the muscles in the back, the face, the jaw, the neck and in the legs. They found that the being had a pulled or damaged muscle in the upper part of it's right leg. They proved that the being in the film is real.

More FactsEdit

Some people have encountered the Men in Black after seeing a Bigfoot. They had their evidence taken away. Some Bigfoots have been seen coming out of UFO'

Bigfoot has many cousins in other countries, such as the Yeti of the Himalayas, or the Yowie from Australia.

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