The Berserkers are creatures who appeared in Clive Barker's 1990 fantasy-horror movie Nightbreed.


Massive, grotesque monstrosities, each Berserker had a slightly different appearance but the same general look. With grotesquely misshapen heads, the Berserkers were heavily muscled, slightly stooped and highly aggressive abominations.


In the closing phases of the Great War, the German army realised it was beaten. Some scientists, despairing of conventional weaponry, turned to more occult avenues of research, breeding, genetically altering and enchanting captured prisoners and some of their own soldiers into something entirely different. Soon the Berserkers were born, virtually unstoppable killing machines with nearly unlimited strength, endurance and bloodlust.

Unaware of what they had created, the scientists released these monsters into the trenches, but the Berserkers soon rampaged uncontrolled across the battlefields, killing as many of their own troops as the enemies'. After the German High Command ordered the dispatch of the Berserkers, the remnants, led by a bastard son of Catherine the Great, journeyed to Midian and found Baphomet, who was forced to lock them up for the safety of his people.


When the Sons of the Free initiated their pogrom on the Nightbreed, Cabal released the Berserkers to run amok, tearing the Sons to pieces while the tattered remnants of the Tribes of the Moon escaped.