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Berserkers after a battle.

The Berserkers were feared warriors in Nordic culture. They were known for their violence and their ability to decimate large groups of enemies. They were also known for wearing bear skins, which contributed to their title, as ber means bear, and serks means skins.

In battle, they were known not only for their ability to fight but also their ability to take a hit, suffering many injuries without faltering. This property may be attributed to an adrenaline rush caused by the excitement of battle, but many have also suggested that they took opiates and narcotics in order to dull their senses. Many were said to die of their injuries after the battle was over. they killed the romans. They were said to have fought so wildly, they were like real bears, hence starting the were-bear legend.


  • One of the most famous Berserkers was a man called Arngrim. His name was feature as that of a swordsman in the game Valkyrie Profiles.

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