Beowulf the Lightbeast is one of the gatekeepers of Temen-ni-gru, half-blinded and sealed away for 2000 years by Sparda. He serves as a boss in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. He mainly walks on all four limbs, but is also able to stand and move about on two legs.

Beowulf attacked Dante when he enterred Temen-ni-gru's torture chamber, sensing that he had "Sparda's blood." Dante blinded Beowulf when he defeated him, and when Beowulf tries to chase down Dante's scent, he instead found Dante's brother, Vergil. Assuming him to be Dante, Beowulf would try to "annihilate every last blood relation of Sparda". However, Vergil immediately killed Beowulf, causing the demon to fall apart as he realized his mistake.


Beowulf is a large, black-skinned demon with red eyes. His legs are raptor-like, whilst his arms are similar to bears, and he has a scorpion tail. Growing from his back are four wings.


  • Superhuman strength - Due to his immense size, Beowulf is much more powerful than a regular human.
  • Light Attacks - Beowulf possesses a number of light-based abilities


  • Beowulf is named after the legendary Geatish hero of the Old English poem of the same name. However, his physical form more closely resembles Geryon from Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy.
  • When his wings are hidden, Beowulf resembles Pazuzu, the Babylonian king of the demons of the wind.

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