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Beholders are malevolent creatures that originate from the classic role-playing game Dungeons & Dragons. A beholder (also known as fiend of many eyes or eye tyrant) appears as an orb of flesh comprising a large eye and a mouth filled with sharp teeth. On top of the beholder's spherical body are ten fleshy stalks which each end with another eye, giving the creature an exceptional field of vision and making sneaking up on one impossible.

Beholders beings of unbridled hatred and malice, despising all other forms of life. Each beholder regards itself as the pinnacle of being, regarding all creatures unlike itself as vermin worthy only of destruction. Beholders even hate each other, warring with one another even over minor physical differences.


Beholders naturally defy gravity, floating constantly in the air even when unconscious. Each of their eye stalks possesses a different magical power and fires beams of magic that have different effects, including petrification, hypnosis, disintegration, etc.