Beedrill is a dual-type Pokémon of the Bug and Poison varieties. It is the final evolution of Weedle, hatching from its Kakuna state at Level 10.

Pokédex Data Edit

Known as the Poison Bee Pokémon, Beedrill attacks swiftly and viciously with highly poisonous stingers on its tail and forelegs. They commonly live in colonies and travel in swarms. If one Beedrill in a colony is threatened, the rest of the colony will attack, overwhelming the enemy. After disabling a foe with their stingers, they will take the victim back to their nest as food.

Abilities Edit

  • Poison Jab - A highly toxic sting that causes more damage the longer it remains in effect.
  • Twin Needle - Beedrill rapidly stabs at its enemy with its foreleg stingers.
  • Pin Missile - Beedrill rapidly fires projectile stingers from its abdomen.
  • Fell Stinger - A vicious attack used to finish off weakened opponents. Beedrill's attack power rises sharply if this move KO's an enemy.

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