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Bedbugs are a common species of bedroom monsters.


The bedbugs are an unholly race of sentient insects that live and thrive in deathbeds.  They are said to have entered the world after the death of the biblicle Able, spawing from the ground beneath his body.  

Bedbugs have the appearence of cockroaches.  They stand on their hind legs and their other four legs are more like arms, and have hands.  They have horizontal mouths that would be humanoid if it weren't for their sharp teeth.  They also have eyelids.  They have humanoid brains capable of sentience, but not that much intelligence.

They are attracted to deathbeds; because they can only reproduce in deathbeds.  They can also survive on nothing but hte unholly power of death that infests the bed, but can find nurishment in other things.  They have a life span of about three years.  

No supernatural weapons are required to kill bedbugs.

Society and CultureEdit

Bedbugs are sentien, but unintelligent.  They are not capable of organized society and live together in swarms.  They are not usually dangerous, as they live in deathbeds.  Indead, they don't even leave their deathbeds unless they are searching for real food.  These are the only ways in which bedbugs can be dangerous; 1 You move into a new house and sleep in a bed where someone has died.  2  They bedbugs leave house temporarilly in search of human flesh. 3 Their swarms have become so big that they are forced to move to a new bed, like yours!

The third possibility is the most likely, as bedbugs have no concept of population control.  The first possibility is the second most likely, leaving the second possibility in third place (most bedbugs wouldn't dare to go hunting for  humans).  There is never less than two bedbugs in the same place.

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