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The Beast of Bodmin was a feline creature spotted in Bodmin moor, hence the name. It was a large, possibly escaped cat, too large to be a house cat that would slay livestock. It was reportedly sighted in the Bodmin area. Scientists believe it is just a myth, as multiple cats would've had to be released to even hope for a large enough breeding population. Some people think that it may be a modern manifestation of creatures
Beast bodmin moor

An alleged photo of a big cat in England.

such as the Hound of the Baskervilles.


The investigation first sparked in the 1990's, when livestock began being attacked by an unknown creature, and there were reported sightings of a panther-like cat. Some people proposed that the beast had escaped from a zoo or private owner, and as it was illegal to own one privately, the former owner could not report it to the police. After the investigation, the ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries, and Food concluded that there was no big cat in England. Less than a week later, however, a young boy found a cat skull in the same area while walking. The skull resembled that of a Leopard, and was missing it's lower jaw. However, it sparked national interest, and was sent to the natural History Museum of London for identification. They found out it was a genuine skull of a young male leopard, but the skull had been imported as part of a leopard-skin rug. They also found an egg case that belonged to a cockroach species not native in the area.

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