Beast man by themico

Beast Man is a ferocious brute of a villain from He-Man & the Masters of the Universe. He is the savage right-hand man to the Overlord of Evil, Skeletor.

History Edit

Beast Man was once known by the name Raqquill Rqazz and lived in Eternia's Vine Jungle. He would be cast out of his tribe after a failed attempt to seize power and fled to the Berserker Islands. One day, the power-hungry alchemist Keldor - the man who would one day become Skeletor - invaded the islands and Beast Man, recognising the power that Keldor wielded, pledged his allegiance to him and vowed to aid him in his conquest of Eternia.

Beast Man has remained a devoted servant of Skeletor for years, despite having to endure terrible abuse whenever the evil overlord's plans are thwarted by He-Man and his allies. But no matter how much the insults and beatings hurt, Beast Man's loyalty does not waver.

Personality Edit

Beast Man is savage and highly aggressive. He is not especially bright and frequently makes mistakes, earning him Skeletor's wrath. Despite how often he becomes the target of Skeletor's rage, Beast Man remains pathologically loyal to him.

Abilities Edit

  • Brute Strength - Beast Man is perhaps the physically strongest of Skeletor's Evil Warriors.
  • Animal Control - Beast Man is capable of telepathically commanding animals and monsters to obey him. He uses this power to manipulate creatures of the wild to attack his foes or to protect him.

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