Battra in Godzilla vs. Mothra

Battra (バトラ, Batora), also known as the Black Mothra, is a dark version of Mothra from the 1992 movie Godzilla vs. Mothra.


Battra looks like a twisted black version of Mothra with jagged wings, smaller red eyes, spiky skin, three horns on his head, and pincers on his thorax. As a larva, Battra is considerably larger than Mothra's larval form and sports a large horn on his forehead, pronounced legs, and tail pincers.


Battra was a dark version of Mothra created by the Earth to punish humanity for creating a weather-controlling device. After destroying the device and killing the humans responsible for creating it, Battra sought to wipe out all of humanity, bringing him into conflict with his more merciful counterpart, Mothra. Mothra defeated Battra and sealed him away in the Bering Sea thousands of years ago.


Heisei EraEdit

Godzilla vs. MothraEdit

After a meteorite struck Earth, Battra was unearthed from his underwater tomb deep in the Bering Sea. Resuming his war on humanity, Battra surfaced in Nagoya, Japan and laid the city to waste. Platoons of Maser tanks opened fire on Battra, but he destroyed them with his prism beams. After destroying Nagoya, Battra returned to the sea and swam south, toward the Philippine Trench. Along the way, Battra encountered Godzilla and Mothra doing battle in the ocean. Battra knocked Mothra aside and attacked Godzilla. Godzilla and Battra battled underwater before they were both swallowed by an underwater volcano, seemingly killing them both. In reality, both Godzilla and Battra swam through the magma and surfaced in Japan. Godzilla emerged from Mt. Fuji, while Battra surfaced in the waters just off Japan. Sensing Mothra's transformation into her imago form, Battra transformed into his imago form in a flash of red light. Battra flew to Yokohama, where Mothra arrived to fight him one last time. Battra blasted Mothra with his prism beams and sent her crashing to the ground. Before Battra could finish Mothra, Godzilla entered the city and roared furiously at Battra. Battra attacked Godzilla, but was swatted to the ground. Mothra flew up and attacked Godzilla, toppling a building onto him. Mothra pleaded with Battra to join forces with her to stop Godzilla, with Battra reluctantly agreeing. Godzilla burst free from under the building and blasted Mothra into a Ferris wheel. As it toppled onto Mothra, Battra caught it and saved her. Mothra re-entered the battle and used her reflective scales to trap Godzilla in a 3-D mirror. Following Mothra's strategy, Battra fires his prism beams into the mirror, causing them to bounce around and hit Godzilla repeatedly. Eventually, the two moth guardians incapacitated Godzilla and he fell to the ground. Mothra and Battra grabbed Godzilla and began to carry him out to sea. Not finished yet, Godzilla bit into Battra's neck, causing him to bleed profusely. After losing too much blood, Battra finally died. Mothra released her grip on Godzilla and the two monsters plummeted into the water. Mothra then covered the area with a sacred seal to honor the sacrifice of Battra.


  • Horn Lightning - Battra can fire bolts of powerful lightning from his horn while in his larval form.
  • Prism Beams - In both of his forms, Battra can fire purple prism beams from his eyes.
  • Energy Touch - Battra can release purple energy from his legs when in direct contact with an enemy, shocking them.


Battra is more powerful and durable than his counterpart Mothra, but he is susceptible to bleeding out after a fatal wound. By biting Battra directly on his neck, Godzilla was able to kill him.


Larval FormEdit

Battra Larva

Battra Larva

As a larva, Battra resembles a giant upright caterpillar with spiky legs and a large horn on his head. In his larval form, Battra is 90 meters long and weighs 20,000 tons.

Imago FormEdit

Imago Battra

Imago Battra

In his imago stage, Battra gains three smaller horns on his forehead, longer legs, and two jagged wings. Imago Battra is 73 meters long with a wingspan of 180 meters and weighs 30,000 tons.


  • Battra's name is a contraction of the words "Battle Mothra."
  • Battra is the only opponent Godzilla faced in the Heisei series that has no relationship or prior connection with Godzilla. Instead, Battra is a clone of Mothra.
  • Battra was originally conceived to be an evil twin of Mothra called Gigamoth that was mutated by nuclear waste. The original draft of the film called Godzilla vs. Gigamoth was rewritten into Godzilla vs. Mothra and Gigamoth was reworked into Battra.
  • Battra's roar is actually a reused Rodan roar.


Godzilla vs. Mothra - Mothra vs02:44

Godzilla vs. Mothra - Mothra vs. Battra

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Godzilla vs. Mothra - Final Battle

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