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Harry Potter Basilisk

Sketch of the basilisk

Serpentine BasiliskEdit

The Basilisk is a legendary serpent of astonishing powers. Said to hatch from a chicken's egg incubated underneath a toad, this gigantic snake ( In other versions, the basilisk is portrayed as a massive rooster with draconic wings and sharp teeth on its beak, Called a Cockatrice) which is over 100 feet long in some cases, can kill you by merely looking you in the eye. If that fails, its venom is extremely deadly and even one drop can kill you in a matter of minutes if it enters the bloodstream. It is said a well of water that has been touched by just a drop of venom from a basilisk will be contaminated by the venom for over 100 years. This monster is not invincible, however; the sound of a rooster crowing is fatal to it (Disorientates and confuses it. Sending it into violent fits causing great injury to itself, like a seizure) and if it looks at anything reflective it will die at it's own reflection. It can also be killed by it's arch-enemy, the weasel, which is is vaguely similar to the relationship between mongooses and cobra's.

Popular Culture Edit

Literature Edit

The Troop


  • It is possible that basilisks are a unknown type of massive snake.
  • Some people suggest that the more avian form of basilisk may actually be a chicken-snake hybrid, as unlikely as it sounds.
  • One theory is that it is a dragon-anaconda hybrid, hence the draconic head and snake body.


a more chicken like basilisk

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