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Barney is a purple and green Tyrannosaurus Rex in stuffed animal likeness, who comes to life through a child's imagination. His theme song is "Barney Is a Dinosaur," which is sung to the tune of "Yankee Doodle". Barney often quotes things as being "Super dee-duper". Episodes frequently end with the song "I Love You", sung to the tune of "This Old Man", which happens to be Barney's favorite song of all time. Despite being a carnivorous type dinosaur, Barney likes many different foods such as fruits and vegetables, but his main favorite is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with a glass of milk. He also loves Marching bands and parades.

Humor Against BarneyEdit

Almost immediately after Barney and Friends first aired in 1992, the result was that it mesmerized and fascinated many young viewers under the age of 4, but was strongly disapproved by most older children and parents, who criticized the series for being "saccharine", "sunshine-and-flowers", and "one-dimensional".

Eventually, adults began to contribute to the anti-Barney humor, including parents and celebrities. Many families now refuse to watch the show because of its one-dimensionality and lack of educational value, and several YouTube videos have plush dolls of the character either being blown up or set on fire.

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