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Barbara Streisand, also known as Mecha-Streisand, is a parody of the real-life celebrity and of Mechagodzilla that appears on the Comedy Central animated series, South Park.

Mecha-Streisand Edit

Barbara Streisand first appeared in the South Park episode, "Mecha-Streisand". Kyle finds a strange triangle object, which turns out to be half of the "Diamond of Pantheos". The diamond was split into two separate triangles and hidden at different points of the Earth, but Streisand found one of the pieces during the shooting of My Fair Lady. When Streisand gets the other half, she transforms into Mecha-Streisand and destroys South Park. She is defeated, however, by Leonard Maltin, Sidney Poitier, and Robert Smith, all of whom take the forms of the Japanese movie monsters Gamera, Ultraman, and Mothra.

200/201 Edit

Streisand later appears in a somewhat updated form resembling Kiryu (she now has a brand-new CG appearance) in the episodes "200" and "201", respectively. When Tom Cruise is insulted by Kyle again, he calls together 200 other celebrities, and attempts to capture Muhammad for his "goo", which would supposedly allow them to never be made fun of again. However, when the Gingers interfere, Cruise is forced to unleash Mecha-Streisand on South Park again. She is subdued this time by the Super Best Friends, who take advantage of her weakness to Neil Diamond music.

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