Baraka (MK9)

Baraka is a vicious, savage warrior from the Mortal Kombat games. As a member of the Tarkatan race, he has a long, razor-sharp blade extending from each forearm. He serves Shao Kahn as one of the emperor's enforcers.

History Edit

Original timeline Edit

In the original MK timeline, Baraka first made his existence known to the warriors of Earthrealm when he led a Tarkatan attack on the temple of the White Lotus Society, prompting Liu Kang and Kung Lao into accepting Shao Kahn's challenge and entering the Outworld tournament. Baraka fought in the tournament and proved to be a most deadly adversary, but the Earthrealm warriors were nonetheless victorious.

Ever since Shao Kahn's invasion of Earthrealm was thwarted, Baraka has wandered the wastelands of Outworld seeking battle. He would find himself in the employ of the necromancer Quan Chi during Shinnok's war against Edenia and would pledge his allegiance to Onaga years later when the Dragon King attempted to become the One Being.

Alternate timeline Edit

In the story of MK (2011), Baraka was a participant in the Mortal Kombat tournament, fighting alongside other Outworld warriors such as Reptile and Goro. He fought against Johnny Cage early in the tournament but was defeated. Although Cage refused to kill him, Baraka's defeat eliminated him from the tournament.

Baraka would later participate in the Outworld tournament hosted by Shao Kahn just as he had done in the original timeline. Following that tournament, he would lead his fellow Tarkata during the invasion of Earthrealm.

Five years following the failed invasion, Baraka served as a loyal warrior to Mileena, the new empress of Outworld. He joined her forces as they engaged in open battle with Ko'atal, but the Tarkatan was killed by D'Vorah, who used her stingers to rip out his heart and his brain.

Abilities Edit

Baraka is a savage fighter who relies heavily on the long blades extending from his forearms. Though made of bone, the blades are as hard as steel and cannot be broken easily. As well as slicing his enemies apart, Baraka can slide his blades together to form a spark that he can fling at his opponent as a projectile.

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