The Bad Juju, also known as The Mire Golem, is a character from Wyrd Games' Malifaux universe.


The Bad Juju is an enormous, immortal humanoid creature composed of mud, rotting wood and almost everything else that makes up the sludge of Malifaux's bayous. A dangerous creature indeed, the Bad Juju is fated to roam these filthy bogs for all eternity, dragging those it finds in it's path down to a disgusting end. Around this wretched beasts' neck dangles a tiny carved wooden representation of a human, the image of the soul trapped in an animated body of decayed matter. 


The Bad Juju was once a man whose name has been lost to the winds of time, who tried to trick a powerful sorcerer with false payment. In return, the sorcerer laid a hex upon the man, cursing him to wander Malifaux's swamps for all time in service to the Neverborn as the monster he became. Even death does not give this poor soul release as, after destruction, the Bad Juju will reconstitute itself, complete with whittled effigy, to continue its tireless patrol of the fetid marshlands that proliferate Malifaux's lowlands.

Although occasionally seen in the company of other Neverborn masters, the Bad Juju is most frequently encountered by the side of Zoraida, her preferred habitat creating a mutual affinity between the two.

Powers and Abilities



  • Although it is possible to kill the Mire Golem, it will slowly drag itself back together over time, allowing the tortured creature trapped inside no hope of a true end to its suffering.

Psychic Blank

  • The Bad Juju is immune to non-Neverborn psychic influences.

Elemental Control

  • It is capable of causing localised landslides, sometimes even going so far as to use part of its own body to maximise their effect.


  • The Bad Juju can use its environment to regenerate by incorporating nearby decaying organic matter into its already-horrific form, in effect "healing" itself.


  • While already a fearsome opponent due to its sheer size, strength and durability, it is able to utilise the shards of wood, splinters of bone and other less-savoury components of its body to create sharp teeth and rending claws to rip and tear its opponents to pieces.