Baby Kade is a character from Wyrd Games' Malifaux universe.

Description Edit

Another Neverborn capable of assuming human form, as his name suggests, Kade appears as a small baby boy, usually with some kind of teddy bear in tow. The only hint that one may get that he may be something less than human is the look in his empty, soulless eyes as he closes in for the kill.

History Edit

The Woe of Innocence Lost, Baby Kade is most commonly found in the company of his mistress Pandora, but he also often travels with friendly Teddies, these creatures having some twisted affinity with each other.

Kade, unlike most of the other Woes, chooses to lure his victims in by appealing to their sense of decency; who could resist helping a little lost child, after all? Only once the prey is close enough does Kade show his true colours- and the rather large knife he has concealed behind his back. The look of dawning horror on his target's face as they realise what they have unleashed upon themselves is something that Baby Kade lives for.

It should be noted that while Baby Kade is a Neverborn, because he is a creature who lives very much in the moment, unlike others of his kind, Kade is capable of finding brief bouts of happiness in almost anything, even such things as the good fortune of a human. Of course, he is just as likely to find fun in sticking a carving knife in your belly, all the way to the handle . . .

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