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Fanart of BEN.

BEN is a part of the BEN DROWNED creepypasta story. BEN is the name of the sprit that controls everything that happens within the haunted copy of The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask. The story of BEN begins with a guy who calls himself Jadusable (refered to as Jad from now on) getting a copy of Majora's Mask from an old guy, free of charge. The cartridge, except for the word 'Majora' written in black marker on one side, was normal. On the game is a save marked BEN, belonging to the old user. He creates a new save and discovers a glitch where everyone swaps between calling him Link (his profile's name) and BEN. To stop the glitch, he deletes the save, causing people to stop refering to him by any name. After attempting a glitch known as the Fourth Day Glitch, he is sent to a room where the only other person is the Skull Kid, who is just standing in the center of the room. After a while, a message box comes up, asking if he wants to skip to the boss. Jad accepts, only because the game won't let him say no, and is teleported to Clock Town, which is now devoid of life. As he walked through clock town, unable to leave, he hears a strange song playing in the background.
Link Statue

The statue believed to be Ben.

The song was a reverse version of the Song of Healing from the game. He attempted to fix the game by drowning himself in the area known as the Laundry Pool. When he got there, the face of one of the characters, the Happy Mask Salesman (now referred to as HMS), flashed on the screen, while the Skull Kid's laugh played in the background. After the face disappeared, the Link statue that appears when players use the Elegy of Emptiness appeared in front of him. As he tried to run, the statue would chase him, teleporting behind him with every few steps. He tried escaping into the Swordsman's Dojo, where it cornered him. He tried attacking the statue, but was greeted by the HMS's face. When it disappeared, both Link and the statue were staring at the camera. He ran from the statue, ending up in an old tunnel instead of Clock Town. It started chasing him again, until eventually he was teleported to the top of the Clock Tower with the Skull Kid.

He tried attacking the Skull Kid with arrows, charging it with his sword and using the Song of Time, but each time was told by the Skull Kid "That won't do you any good, hee hee!" before being burnt and electrocuteed to death at the same time. On the third try, the screen faded out as it did with the other two, but this time returned to an image of Link, dead and staring at the camera. When this image faded out, the words "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you" appeared on screen. He was sent back to the title screen, where the BEN profile has been recreated and his profile had been renamed YOURTURN. He selected YOURTURN, only to return to Link's corpse the third time he attacked the Skull Kid. He turned off the game and, after writing down what had happened, went to sleep.

The next day, he said he dreamt of the statue chasing him, and he called it 'Ben'. Before he started playing, he went to find out who Ben is, from the old guy who gave him the game. The man was gone and as he walked back to his car, the old man's neighbor asked him if he was looking for someone. Jad asked him if the old owner had any children or granchildren, but was told that he didn't. He then asked the guy who Ben was, which is how he learnt most of Ben's story. Apparently, Ben was an twelve year old boy who had an accident four years before, which led to his parents leaving town. The man wouldn't say what Ben's accident was.

Jad returned home where he tried to play the BEN game. Upon starting the game, he found himself just outside the Stone Tower Temple. Things were still messed up. Link's avatar was cocked to the side and demonic sounds played in the background over the local music. It was only a few minutes before the statue appeared, stalking him yet again. Shortly after, "Dawn of a New Day" appeared on-screen. When the screen faded in, Jad found himself in front of the Clock Tower as Deku Link. As the camera was fixed behind the Clock Tower door, there was nowhere else to go. When inside the Clock Tower, he met the HMS again, who said to him "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you," before the screen faded to black yet again. When it returned, Jad found himself in Termina Field. As he examined the surrounding area, he noticed four figures in the distance. As he approached them, he could see Epona (Link's horse), Skull Kid, the statue, and the HMS, who's head would follow Link wherever he stepped.Gathering his courage, Jad pulled out Link's ocarina and played the Song of Healing, but was killed before the last note finished playing. He was again met with the line "You've met with a terrible fate, haven't you?".

Jad then had a cutscene of Link transforming into a Zora to watch. When it ended, he found himself in Great Bay, with the theme playing backwards. Seeing Epona on the shore, he approached her. He wondered about her importance and eventually came to the conclusion she was pointing to something out in the distant sea. Taking a chance, he set out to find something. While in the depths of Great Bay, he spotted a small dark figure at the bottom of the sea. When he approached it, he discovered it was the statue. After a moment of close inspection, Zora Link started to choke and quickly died. Acording to the Legend of Zelda lore, Zoras can breathe underwater, making this very strange. He returned to the start screen and, after pressing start, had two new save files, called BEN and DROWNED. Jad quickly realized this is what happened to Ben but could not understand the meaning behind the message.

It is now believed that Ben, after dying, possessed his game, becoming a permanent part of it, as the ghost statue. Angered by the delete of his save, he started haunting Jad's game, creating new saves and ending it in impossible ways (electric fire and Zora drowning being good examples). When Jad connected his console to his computer, the spirit of BEN transferred itself to the internet, taking control of many things and taunting Jad through Cleverbot. For the rest of the story, check out the Jadusable wiki, specifically these pages:

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