RE Tyrant

An example of a B.O.W.

The acronym B.O.W. stands for bio-organic weapon. These are living creatures that have been genetically engineered by humans for a specific purpose: killing. B.O.W.'s are the main focus of the Resident Evil video game series; several of these living weapons have been created and used by numerous illicit organisations, most notably the Umbrella Corporation. Umbrella were the pioneers of biological warfare in Resident Evil, but even though the company has since collapsed, their creations and others based on their work have become widespread across the world, ushering in an age of bioterrorism.

List of B.O.W.'sEdit

All of the bio-organic weapons listed below have been categorised under the parties responsible for developing them.

Umbrella Corporation Edit

3rd Organisation Edit

Los Illuminados Edit


Il Veltro Edit

Neo-Umbrella Edit

The Overseer Edit

Other Edit

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