The atropal is a nightmarish abomination introduced in the third edition of the Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting Forgotten Realms. This creature is an incomplete weapon that was to fight in the Dawn War between the gods and the primordials, only to be sealed away and forgotten. some, however, have been allowed to roam free across the planes, bringing death and destruction everywhere they go.

An atropal is an undead humanoid creature that resembles an overgrown, dead human foetus. Notable physical traits include rotten skin, patches of exposed muscle tissue, clawed hands and feet, razor-sharp teeth and eyeholes that have been fused shut. Also of particular note, an atropal will usually have an umbilical cord still dangling from its belly.

Abilities Edit

  • Immortality - Atropals are impossible to kill.
  • Necrotizing Touch - The touch of an atropal can cause a victim's body and mind to decay.
  • Atropos Burst - Atropals can sap the life energy from other creatures to empower themselves.
  • Shroud of Death - A terrible miasma that can swiftly kill living creatures and repair undead creatures.
  • Blindsight - Atropals lack eyes, yet they can still perceive their surroundings just as accurately as any sighted being.
  • True Sight - Atropals can always see the true forms of shapeshifting creatures or invisible beings and objects.

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