Astaroth is a demon written about in many Hebrew texts of demonology and occult grimoires, including the Ars Goetia. Initially described as a male demon in The Book of Abramelin, he appears to be a humanoid figure with clawed hands and feet and sporting a pair of angelic wings upon his back. He rides atop an infernal dragon and carries a viper with him.

Astaroth is a Crowned Prince of Hell. According to some demonologists of the 16th century, August is the month during which this demon's attacks against man are stronger. According to Sebastien Michaelis, he is a demon of the First Hierarchy, who seduces by means of laziness, vanity, and rationalized philosophies. His adversary is St. Bartholomew, who can protect against him for he has resisted Astaroth's temptations. To others, he teaches mathematical sciences and handicrafts, can make men invisible and lead them to hidden treasures, and answers every question formulated to him. He was also said to give to mortal beings the power over serpents.