Armadura is a type of creature that appears in Resident Evil 4.Its name is the Spanish word for "armour". These monsters were encountered by Leon Kennedy and Ashley Graham in Castle Salazar.

Armaduras are suits of armour that have been inhabited by Plaga parasites which have escaped from their hosts. As Plaga cannot survive for long without a host, some hid themselves within suits of medieval armour to protect themselves and conserve their energy until they can find new hosts. The parasites stretch their bodies out to fit all of the armour's limbs and move them about, though they remain inanimate until a potential host draws near.

There are two types of Armadura: one is a light-coloured silver armour with a rounded helmet and the other is black and more ornate with a square helmet. They attack by marching towards enemies and swinging the weapons they have on hand, usually claymores or halberds. The silver Armaduras are possessed by Type-A Plagas which will emerge from the helmet after taking enough damage and will use their bladed tentacles to attack. The black-and-gold Armadura is driven by a Type-B Plaga which is capable biting off its victim's head, killing them instantly.

Armadura are quite resilient to gunfire, but after taking enough damage their helmets fall off and the Plagas inside reveal themselves. Exposed Plagas are vulnerable to flash-bang grenades and will die instantly if caught in the flash, causing the armour to fall apart.