Deus himself created the Archangel Dragon when he was a brave young god. When he needs something done, he chooses the Archangel Dragon for the job.  


Originally, you could only use Archangel Dragon in the combats against the Cerberus and Demon Dragons.The Archangel Dragon is one of the most debated Dragons ever to appear in the game. There was a lot of false information and conjecture about it, most of which would have been mitigated if people actually read the wiki before posting on the forum.Archangel Dragon is the only elemental dragon that does not have its element as part of its name.The Archangel Dragon reclassified from NPC Dragon to Elemental Dragon as part of the Light and War update (2013-July-26).

Automated Names

Automated names are names automatically given by DC to your dragon when it hatches. You can change these names to whatever you wish. However, the name you chose is of course not considered as an automated name. Automated names contain a maximum of nine characters in length.

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