Apollon is an enigmatic character who appears in later chapters of the Guyver: Bioboosted Armor manga. Almost everything about him is a complete mystery. What is known is that he hunts the Zoalords and seeks to obtain their Zoa-Crystals. He foresees an imminent event coming from space, but precisely what, and what his attitude is towards it per se, is unknown. While Apollon's motivations are not entirely clear, it is suspected that he was created by, or is one of, the Ouranus.

History Edit

When Apollon first appeared, he attacked the Zoalord Edward Caerleon aboard the gargantuan biological starship, the Ark. Apollon easily overwhelmed Caerleon and stole his Zoa-Crystal, leaving the Zoalord in a de-powered, catatonic state.

Later, Apollon interrupted a battle between the Guyvers and the rogue Zoalords at Odagiri Mansion, attacking the resurrected Richard Guyot. Apollon did not express any interest in Guyot's fake Zoa-Crystal, however. After disabling a cloaked Aptom, he then abducted Tetsuro and Mizuki Segawa, taking them to the island of Silha where Cronos' founder Archanfel resided.

Appearance Edit

Apollon appears to be dressed in a full-body armor, including a huge cloak. The armor is apparently made from the same material as the Guyver's control medallion, creating the possibility that it is not an armor at all, but his actual body. This suggestion implies that Apollon may actually be an android.

Powers and abilities Edit

Apollon possesses an awesome level of power which is easily the equal of any Zoalord he has faced so far; he either perfectly mimics their abilities, copies them, or perhaps already possessed them. He seems to at least possess the capacity for flight, radiant energy attacks and long-distance teleportation.

When confronting Richard Guyot and the Guyver at Odagiri Mansion, he abducted the Segawa siblings, depositing them on mysterious Silha Island for purposes unknown. He also seemed to command the ancient Zoanoid Regalias, but it remained unclear whether he controlled the creature or whether it was working with him.

He does not appear particularly hostile towards the Guyver, but remains completely indifferent to the fate of ordinary humans in the course of his mission.

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