Apalala is a creature from Pakistan mythology. Apalala is also known as Apala.

Apalala is very large and humanoid. It has a long eel like tail, and a as well eel like dorsal fin on his back. Apalala bulges with mussel. Apalala has no wings whatsoever.

Apalala spends most of his time in water although he does have the ability to fly. Apalala controls the rain and rivers of Pakistan.

The story of Apalala says that he was once a great god of the waters that was thanked by the people of Pakistan with grain. At some point some people stopped worshiping Apalala. These actions enraged Apalala who floods the land destroying crops and drowning people. Soon a Buddha visits Apalala and tells him that killing and destroying is wrong and will not solve his problem. Apalala promises not to harm any more people, and converts to Buddhism.

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