Antlion guard

The Antlion Guard is one of the various types of Antlion encountered in Half-Life 2. It is considerably larger than the common Antlion Soldier, as well as much stronger and more aggressive. In the Antlion hierarchy, Guards are responsible for protecting the hive.

Appearance Edit

Antlion Guards resemble a considerably larger and more powerful Antlion, with a similar skin colour and insectoid features. The most differentiating feature, by far, is the Guard's protective carapace, which acts as a battering ram and a deadly weapon. Their dark-red tint and radiant blue "feathers" which adorn its back make it clearly distinguishable.

Behaviour Edit

Much like a rhino from Earth, the Antlion Guard is able to bash into objects with great force in a combination charging head-butt attack, thanks to its size. The power of the Antlion Guards' strikes can easily knock aside anything or anyone unfortunate enough to be in their way. They often try to strike enemies with their heads. However, they will utilize environmental objects as projectiles by ramming them with full velocity. Antlion Guards can take a lot of damage, and it normally requires a large amount of damage to bring one down. Antlion Guards are known to smash through walls and even fellow Antlions to kill enemies it is pursuing.

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