Annastasjia was a character who appeared in Clive Barker's 1990 fantasy-horror movie Nightbreed and its spin-off comics.


Annastasjia is a woman with classic good looks and one great flaw which mars her beauty: she has a malformed, partially developed face and hand which reach across her forehead and right cheek. This growth is capable of independent thought and speech, and can also influence Annastasjia's actions when it so chooses.


One of the most memorable stars of silent movies, Annastasjia had a burgeoning career in the film industry before, in 1921, she got into a bar fight in Los Angeles over a woman whom she had taken a fancy to. Left with a scar from the brawl, and fearful of losing future roles because of this, she went in search of someone who could provide her with a skin graft to hide her disfiguration. After undergoing the ministrations of an unsatisfactory doctor, she eventually found an unorthodox physician who guaranteed the perfect graft which she craved. Unfortunately, the skin's donor, a man who went by the name of Nasim, began to grow on her. Literally. At first appearing as merely a blemish, soon Nasim developed a mouth, then an eye, and finally a hand as well. All of poor Annastasjia's attempts to destroy this horrific parasite were in vain as the man had a will as strong as her own, and thwarted her every try.

Deciding that if she could not have the fame that Tinseltown now denied her, Annastasjia concluded that the next best thing would be to have her revenge. She proceeded to murder both the man who had mutilated her, and the doctor who had wreaked such terrible damage to her face.

Realising that her actions would have consequences, Annastasjia fled Hollywood and found a place amongst the freaks of a travelling circus who accepted her without judgement. Unfortunately, these poor people were framed for a murder which they did not commit, and most were slaughtered by vengeful townsfolk, the few who survived fleeing to Midian

In Midian, Annastasjia nightly replayed her roles from favourite films to the Tribes of the Moon, a somewhat less critical audience than those of her previous vocation.

What happened to Annastasjia after the Sons of the Free initiated their deadly pogrom and destroyed Midian is not known.

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