Annastasjia was a character who appeared in Clive Barker's 1990 fantasy-horror movie Nightbreed.


Annastasjia is a woman with classic good looks and one great flaw which mars her beauty: she has a malformed, partially developed face and hand which reach across her forehead and right cheek.


One of the most memorable stars of silent movies, Annastasjia had a burgeoning career in the film industry before, in 1921, she got into a bar fight in Los Angeles over a woman whom she had fallen for. Left with a scar from the scuffle and fearful of losing future roles because of this, she went in search of someone who could provide her with a skin graft; unfortunately the skin's donor, a man who went by the name of Nasim, began to grow on her. Literally. At first appearing as merely a blemish, soon Nasim developed a mouth, then an eye, and finally a hand as well. All of poor Annastasjia's attempts to destroy this horrific parasite were in vain as the man had a will as strong as her own, and thwarted her every try.

Afterwards, Annastasjia was forced to give up the glamour of Hollywood and find a place in Midian, where she nightly replays her roles from favourite films to the Tribes of the Moon, a somewhat less critical audience.

What happened to Annastasjia after the Sons of the Free initiated their deadly pogrom and destroyed Midian is not known.

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