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Angels are celestial beings who live with and serve God. Angels can mostly be found in the monotheistic faiths of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. However, angels and angelic beings can be found in many religions across many different cultures.The term "angel" can be a somewhat broad term that refers to any kind of higher dimensional positive being. In recent years, angels have become popular characters and inspirations of film, literature, video games, and the arts.

Known Angels

The religions of the world give different testimonies of the various angels as well as their roles and mythologies.

  • Michael - The Archangel Michael is the mightiest of God's angels. His name means "He who is like God". According to the Christian account, it was Michael who cast Lucifer and his followers to Earth for their rebellion.
  • Lucifer - The Archangel Lucifer is the most infamous of all angels. His name means "The Morning Star" or "Light Bringer". According to the Jewish account, Lucifer was the bringer of God's wrath and authority, the accuser and punisher of the wicked. However, according to the Christian account, when God created Man and commanded His angels to bow down to and love them more than He, the jealous and prideful Lucifer refused and rebelled. He, along with the one-third of Heaven's angels under his command, fought against the Archangel Michael, but were defeated and cast down to Earth. In his exile, Lucifer became known as The Devil or Satan and has since planned to tempt Mankind to sin and destruction.


In terms of the levels of being, angels are entities of the spiritual level, the timeless and spaceless realm that is the source of all things. Their powers seem to be effectively unlimited by human standards-a good sign of their connection with the spiritual realm of unlimited potential-and among those powers is the ability to take on temporary embodiments at any level of being. An angel, in other words, can appear at will on the mental, astral, etheric, or physical levels-which is to say that they can take shape as a pattern of abstract meaning, a thought or feeling, an energy, or a living being. They can also affect other beings directly or indirectly at any of the levels, or on all levels at once.  

Powers and Abilities

Angels, as higher beings, possess incredible supernatural powers.

  • Immortality - Angels live forever, do not grow old, and never die, as they do not naturally possess a physical body, so they do not experience physical effects as such.
  • Flight - Angels can fly with or without wings at infinitley fast speeds by thought.
  • super Strength - Angels have an impressive amount of strength comparable to lower demigods.
  • super Speed - Angels are infinitley fast. They can travel from one end of the cosmos to another instantaneously. They can move, react, think, and process information at mentally incomprehendible speeds faster than time itself.
  • Infinitley Advanced Senses - Angels have powerful senses. Their enhanced vision allow them to see clearly in complete darkness. 
  • Telepathy - Angels possess telepathic and empathic abilities. This includes reading thoughts of anybody.
  • Omniscience - The knowledge of angels comes from spiritual intuition. Angels know everything in the universe, as well all other universes/dimensions immediately and directly. They do not learn, forget, calculate, guess, or make mistakes; they simply know, instantly and without effort. They possess absolute wisdom.
  • Shape-Shifting Angels can materialize/manifest any form, with no limitation of physics.
  • Intangibility - Angels can pass with ease through solid matter, including the vacuum of outer space.
  • Teleportation - Angels can teleport to any location or dimension. They can also teleport others to and from any location.
  • Bilocation - Angels can bilocate their consciousness to different locations infinitley. This also includes the ability of multi-tasking
  • Aerokinesis - Angels can control the flow and direction of the wind.
  • Invisibility - Angels can make themselves imperceptible to any or all creatures.
  • Clairvoyance - Angels possess supernatural senses that allow them to percieve things that humans connot. They can see invisible beings, they can see demons in their true forms even while said demons are in a human disguise or possessing a vessel, and they can see through dimensional barriers.
  • Mental Manipulation - Angels can control, fabricate, rewrite, restore, and erase the memories of humans. Although there are limitations, because of universal law (i;e no interfering with free will)
  • Dream Walking - Angels can appear in and communicate with people through their dreams.Also includes the ability to manipulate dreams to their will.
  • Healing - Angels can heal others of their wounds and even restore lost body parts/components.

Angel's powers are limitless, as they can do anything by the power of God's influence.

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