Amon devilman

Amon is an almighty demon general that appears in Go Nagai's manga/anime franchise, Devilman. In Hell, he is known by such titles as the "Beast of Hell" and "God of War". All denizens of Hell know of his strength and look upon him with great fear.

Despite his immense power, Amon failed to possess the human Akira Fudo, whose pure soul allowed him to meld with Amon while retaining his own consciousness, becoming Devilman.


Amon is an extremely well-built humanoid demon that towers over even the tallest humans. His skin is a deep red though much of his body is covered in rough black fur. He has piercing yellow eyes, his ears resemble bat wings and he has two large actual wings protruding from his back that allow him to fly.


Amon is a being of pure, unbridled aggression. He delights in destruction and murder and becomes wildly uncontrollable in the heat of battle, turning on ally and enemy alike. Amon is always seeking stronger opponents, though so very few can even hope to match his strength that he tends to arrogantly look down upon and mock others for their supposed weakness.

Amon's consciousness remains surpressed inside Akira Fudo's body following the Black Sabbath ritual, but maintains some level of awareness if not control. He grows to despise Akira above all other humans and is disgusted at how Devilman uses his power for the good of mankind instead of against it.

Apocalypse of Devilman


Amon cannibalizes the young Yumi

When the existence of demons is exposed to the world, mass panic and paranoia spread like wildfire across the world. When Akira Fudo witnesses the violent murder of his girlfriend Miki by psychotic gangs, his heartbreak allows Amon to resurface and take control. Relishing his new freedom, Amon goes on a destructive rampage and slaughters humans and demons alike. His rampage comes to a head when he confronts Satan, but Satan, out of love for Akira, uses hir power to awaken Akira's consciousness. Amon falls into a state of torpor as he and Akira meet on the psychic plane for a final battle to determine who will have full control of their shared body. Amon seems to have the advantage, but Akira is spurred on by his memory of Miki, who reassures him that even though he had hidden his demonic side from her, she loved him unconditionally. With his heart reinvigorated by Miki's reassurance, Akira musters all of his strength and ultimately defeats Amon.


  • Amon is named after seventh demon of the 72 demons in the Ars Goetia. He appears in the form of a fire breathing wolf with a snake's tail or in the form of a humanoid with the qualities of a raven with dog like teeth in its mouth. Contrary with the Amon in the Devilman series being a lord of war, the Amon in the Ars Goetia procures love and reconciles controversies.