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A mugshot of Alucard.

   "Does having an audience for your sins make you feel like you're special? Does it make you proud?" - Alucard

Alucard is an extremely powerful vampire in the anime/manga Hellsing. He is the servant to Integra, the Head of the Hellsing family. He is also known as Dracula, the No Life King, and Hellsing's trump card. He is immune to most vampire weaknesses, reviving after being decapitated and claiming to only "hate the sun". To destroy other "scum" vampires, he uses specially made guns and silver-tipped bullets. He often wears a red fedora hat with a long trench coat, which he possibly obtained from Abraham Van Hellsing.

He restricts his powers into certain levels, Level 0 being his strongest. He can take on different forms, the known (and possibly only ones) being a young girl (called "Girlycard" by fans), his vampiric form ("Count") and human form (Vlad Tepes the Impaler). In the end of Hellsing, he killed all but one of the many souls he has collected over the years. The only one he kept was that of Warrant Officer Schrodinger, gaining full access to Schrodinger's powers(such as being able to appear anywhere if he wishes to).

  Abilities and PowersEdit

  • Alucard is nearly immortal. While he does have weaknesses, he does not age and most beings can not kill him.
  • Alucard can regenerate from almost any wound. Even if he is killed, he will come back after a short amount of time.
  • Alucard shares superhuman strength and speed with other vampires. Alucard is also an extremely acurrate shot.
  • Alucard can pass through objects.
  • Alucard can defy gravity. Not as far as fllying, but can run up walls and such objects.
  • Alucard can speak with others mentally.
  • Alucard can use telekenisis to throw or control his foes.
  • When Alucad drinks someones blood, he absorbs their soul. Their soul is then added to his army of undead ghouls, in which he can summon.
  •  Alucard can shapeshift into many forms. Among these forms are the Shadow dog, Baskerville, or his Original Count Form.
  • Alucard can not be killed or mortally wounded by anything other than holy weapons.
  • Alucard caries two very dangerous pistols, the Casull, and the Jackal. Both fire silver bullets that explode on impact.
  • Alucard is extremely brutal in combat, often dismembering his foes by hand.


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