Alpha Blogg mp2 Concept

The Alpha Blogg is the largest and strongest of the Blogg pack encountered in Metroid Prime 2: Echoes. Samus Aran must fight this creature as she traverses Aether's Torvus Bog region.

Overview Edit

The Alpha Blogg attacks Samus in the Torvus Bog's main hydrochamber shortly after she acquires the Gravity Boost enhancement for her suit. Like other adult Bloggs, the alpha's body is covered with a highly durable hide that deflects all of Samus' weapons. Its only weak point is its mouth, though firing at any angle other than directly in front of the creature is likely to get caught on the ridge of the maw and deflected. The most effective weapons to use against this beast are missiles and Super Missiles.

The Alpha Blogg is extremely aggressive and will rocket through the water towards its prey. It attacks by ramming its target and by emitting sonic pulses. These sonic blasts will disrupt Samus' visor and weapons control, making her vulnerable.

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