The alien squid is a gargantuan creature appearing in Alan Moore's graphic novel, Watchmen. It was genetically engineered by the books antagonist, a former costumed adventurer, Adrian Veidt, Ozymandias. He created the monster with the intention of destroying the human race to stop a nuclear holocaust. He had direct and indirect help in creating the beast from Jon Osterman, aka Dr. Manhattan who had godlike abilities. He wanted to replicate Jon's intergalactic teleportation abilities so that he could easily transport the beast. During the construction, one of his former colleagues, Edward Morgan Blake, the Comedian discovered Veidt's plan, so he snuck into Blake's apartment and murdered him, which opened the graphic novel. Towards the book's conclusion, Veidt teleported the creature into New York City and it killed millions upon impact but it died during the event.

The squid had several eyes, stood over 100 feet tall, and had several muscular tentacles, hence the fan nickname, "the squid". Much to the dismay of the fans and the writer, the squid was completely absent from Zack Snyder's film adaptation.

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