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a stereotype alien

An Alien is a monster from another planet. Whether they exist is a myth, but is widely believed to be true. They commonly appear in science fiction movies and novels.



U.F.O. stands for Unidentified Flying Object. It refers to any object seen in the sky that can not be immediately identified. Upon identification it is no longer a U.F.O.

Alien Abduction

Many people, either driving in cars or in bed, have been found woken up. Hours later! Along with that, people have found odd marks on their body. Psychiatrist's hypnotize people into either telling him/her about what happened or make a sketch of what the Aliens looked like.

Alien Planets

Many people wonder: "Are we really alone in the Universe?" The answer is uncertain, but many people belive; we are not alone. In fact, with so many planets out there, it is very likely there actually is lifeon at least one other planet. Many people speculate that Mars, the 4th planet from the sun, was(Or still is) inhabited by Aliens. We call them Martians.

Alien Species

There are many species of Aliens, you can post them here:

  • Greys; They are most well known for their gray skin and large, black eyes.
  • Reptoids; Just as they are called, Reptoid Aliens are humanoid Reptillian aliens. U.F.O.ologists say that they have enslaved many species; including the Grays!
  • Xenomorph; These are the aliens from the Alien series. Just like the Reptoids, they are almost like reptiles. All Xenomorphs have acid for blood and are able to adapt to and survive extreme climates. Their only weaknesses seem to be guns, fire, and anything that can outlast their acidic blood long enough to kill them. They start out as eggs, and incubation seems to stop when they sense the movement of potential hosts. Out from the eggs comes the Facehugger, a spider-like alien with 8 legs, a long tail and the ability to jump incredible heights and distances. The facehugger latches onto the head of its intended host then inserts its probocis into their mouth, into the chest cavity and then lays an egg. The host will be fine for an unknown amount of time, varying from a few hours to a couple days, then the egg hatches producing a Chestburster.The Chestburster forces its way through the hosts rib cage and through its chest, effectively killing the host and taking on attributes of whatever creature it came from. Chestbursters coming from humans appear as the aliens commonly seen in the movies, while in one movie the chestburster came from a dog and took on its traits, such as walking and running on all fours. Then there's also the PredAlien, from AVP:R, which came from a Predator and looked mostly like the Predator, with it's facial features, body type, and dreads, but also had the skin, blood and tail of the Xenomorph. Most chestbursters will turn into Drones, which are low level Xenomorphs that serve the queen by fetching hosts for the facehuggers and general protection. There are drones that can turn into other types of Xenomorphs, such as the Praetorian, but they're only seen in comics and games. The Alien Queen is laid by a special facehugger. The Queen Facehugger is larger than normal, black, with webbing between its appendages. It carries two eggs, a drone and a queen. The queen chestburster takes longer to grow and hatch in the host, but when it grows fully, the Queen can lay thousands of eggs continually.
  • Hopkins Goblins; In Hopkinsville, Tennesee: A cabin were reported to be "Attacked" by 12-15 little men with grey skin, big eyes, and the ability to float in midair.
  • Scorpion Wasp; In the Animal Planet TV show, Lost Tapes, a astronaut is invaded by an unkown spore when repairing a space-station. The Astronaut later has a seizure and dies: because of the Alien living inside her! It bursts out and crawls under her bed. Her Doctors come to her room, only to find her dead. The Alien crawls out from the bed to the cabinet. It then flys over to a closet where a Security guard runs after it and tries to taze it. He dies and two doctors run to a lab. They hear a sound from outside and one doctor looks out the window only to see the alien on the glass. She checks again to see it is gone. One doctor find acid in which he can kill it. They hear somethng in the airvents and the tail comes out and tries to stab them, looking like a scorpions. One doctor tells the other to run. You can hear him scream. The doctor checks only to see the Alien eating the dead doctor. She runs away and bursts the door open with a fire extinguisher and runs out the door and dives. You can see the alien fly out the door. At the end, you can see the dead astronaut and then the alien attacks the camera(Implying there may be another alien).
  • Player; In the Life Simulator Game, Spore, you create a creature and play as it in a variaty of stages. It maybe considered an Alien.
  • Irken: in the TV show Invader Zim there are aliens with green skin, black antennae, and red, green, purple, or pink eyes. Their leaders are the Almighty Tallest Red and Almighty Tallest Purple.
  • Eldar: A race of space elves in Games Workshop's 'Warhammer 40000'. The Eldar are split into two factions, the Craftworld Eldar, who live on massive ships known as Craftworlds and the Dark Eldar, who live in the city of Commoragh. The Eldar were made as a futuristic version of the High Elf race from 'Warhammer', the original fantasy game made by the same company, while the Dark Eldar replaced the Dark Elves.
  • Orks: A race of greenskinned mutants in Games Workshop's 'Warhammer 40000'. The Orks, or Space Orks as they were originally known, are an extremely violent species who live for war. When enemies cannot be found, the Orks will fight eachother. The Orks were made as a futuristic version of the Ork race from 'Warhammer', the original fantasy game made by the same company.
  • Tyranids: A species of aliens found in Games Workshop's 'Warhammer 40000', the Tyranids are a race of creatures whose sole purpose is to destroy worlds and take the biomass from the world and its population. The biomass is then used to create new Tyranid organisms.
  • Necrontyr: A race of humanoid aliens in Games Workshop's 'Warhammer 40000'. Not much is known of the Necrontyr, as their race died out when the last of them was put into a Necrodermis body. The Necrodermis transformed the entire race into skeletal robots known as Necrons. The Necron's worship the C'tan, who they saw as gods when they were still alive.
  • C'tan: The C'tan are an alien race in Games Workshop's 'Warhammer 40000' that was almost wiped out when they were tricked into eating eachother by either Cegorach, the laughing god of the Eldar or the Deciever, another C'tan who is the least powerful of the surviving C'tan. Only four C'tan remain in the universe: the Nightbringer, Deciever, Void Dragon and Outsider. Of these, the Nightbringer and Deciever are the only two to have awakened. The C'tan are worshipped as gods by the Necrons. The C'tan are possibly gods who are trapped in the material realm, unlike the Eldar gods and Ruinous Powers of Chaos.
  • Tau: The Tau are a race of blue-skinned humanoid aliens in Games Workshop's 'Warhammer 40000'. The Tau are incredibly advanced, and make use of Pulse Weaponry, which cannot be found in any other army. Tau do not fight for any god, like the other races in the 40k universe, but rather for the Greater Good, offering surrender to enemies before sending in their forces.
  • Vespid: The Vespid are one of the races that make up the Tau Empire in Games Workshop's 'Warhammer 40000'. The Vespid are insectoids who have wings, giving them the ability to fly. Their stingwings are one of the many mercenary groups that one would expect to find in a Tau force. The Vespid Neutron Blasters and Stingwing strains are used as a harrassment tactic for a Tau force, allowing their allies to quickly overpowering any force.
  • Kroot: The Kroot are one of the races that make up the Tau Empire in Games Workshop's 'Warhammer 40000'. The Kroot are humanids, but are believed to have descended from birds. The Kroot have the ability to transform their DNA based on what they eat, for example, by eating birds, a Kroot would grow wings while by eating the Eldar, they'd gain psychic powers.
  • Saiyans or Saiya-jins: From the Japanese anime/mangas Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT the saiyans are a race that look like humans most of the time, with the exception of their spiky hair and monkey tails,which they keep wrapped around their waist. They are genetically similar enough to humans to be able to create saiyan-human hybrids (Gohan, Goten, Trunks, Bulla, Pan, Goku Jr., Vegeta Jr.). Their planet and almost all of their race was wiped out by Frieza. They transform into a great ape or oozaru (literally "Ape king") on full moon nights and other conditions, such as when they create a false moon (Though if the saiyan can become a super saiyan they will transform into the golden variant). They are mostly a vicious and brutal race that purge planets for the ice-jin tyrant lord Frieza, but some of them are more compassionate, such as the main character Goku, his friend Vegeta, Vegeta's brother Tarble, or his father, Bardock. They can undergo several transformations. Some are caused by rage and despair, like false super saiyan and super saiyan 1 and 2, energy concentration, like super saiyan 3, having several good-hearted saiyans give he/she their energy to transform into super saiyan god, or transforming into a golden ape and gaining control, like super saiyan 4. They have extroardinary strength, speed, and agility, can control energy, and get an energy increase for every time they recover from serious injury called a Zenkai. The name of their race is a pun on either the japanese word yasai or the word Saiyuki, though all full-blood saiyans have names that are puns on vegetables.(ex.Goku's saiyan name is Kakarot, a pun on carrot.)
  • Frieza's Race: Also from Dragon Ball Z/GT, they are a brutal race that controlled most of the universe in the cold planet trade organization before they were destroyed. Their true names are never mentioned so they are simply referred to by this name. There are supposedly only five (though in Dragonball Heroes there are the characters Froze and Frieza's Race Berseker who are heroes, though they are never mentioned in the original manga/anime), all males. Their names are puns on cold, except for Kuriza, a pun on chestnut. they have different transformations: a larger version of the original, one resembling a bug, one resemling a robot, and another more spikier version of the robotic one, though they may not be able to reach them all. in fact, it is unknown whether Chilled or Kuriza can transform at all. They also can survive without air, have extroardinary strength,speed, and agility, control energy, and can survive with only the top half of their body.
  • Dinaurians: from Fossil Fighters, they are descendants of dinosaurs who can transform into a dinosaur-like beings and have vast technology. Their planet was destroyed by guhnash.

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