Alexis Hall
Alexis Hall is a recurring character in The Nightmare Room, appearing in two episodes:  "School Spirit" and "Full Moon Halloween." She was a protagonist in "School Spirit," but in "Full Moon Halloween," Alexis served as a hidden villainess when she was revealed as a werewolf.


School SpiritEdit

Alexis first appeared as one of the protagonists in "School Spirit," where she was shown in detention. She and her friends--Dex, Freddy, Janet, and Todd--were being chased by a ghostly teacher. Alexis ended up captured, as were Todd, Freddy, and Dex, but she and the others were saved by Janet, with none of them remembering their capture.

Full Moon Halloween; Heel TurnEdit

In "Full Moon Halloween," Alexis and the rest of the group were invited by Freddy to his new house, which resembled a haunted house, and later revealed that he suspects one of them of being a werewolf who killed his brother. Freddy used little furry creatures called "plogs" to find out who the werewolf is, and one of them bites Alexis. Alexis denies being a werewolf, and stated earlier in the episode that she had to get home because she had a curfew. The group stated that Alexis was bitten because the plogs had been out for an extended period of time, and it was at that moment that the plogs became rabid and went all over the house. All the while, Alexis displayed a heel persona when she snarled at Freddy after he revealed that there wasn't a werewolf, as he claimed that he made it up to get his friends to hang out with him. After capturing all of them, Alexis is found upstairs in the attic by Freddy, staring at the full moon. At that moment, Alexis turned heel and transformed into a werewolf, proving the plogs correct. After her villainous transformation, the evil Alexis attacked and (assumingly) killed Freddy.

Werewolf Alexis

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