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Alala, also known as the Herald of S'glhuo, is a Great Old One from the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired Cthulhu Mythos.

Description Edit

Very little is known of the creature called Alala. Like the majority of its kind, it is said to manifest as a monstrous creature but is in actuality a being made from living sound which hails from the alternate dimension known as the Gulf of S'glhuo. There he is attended on and worshiped by the natives of that strange place, the Denizens of S'glhuo.

The Denizens of S'glhuo Edit

Alala's mortal servants, the Denizens appear as tall humanoids of a bluish hue with blank, staring eyes. Like their lord, these entities are made from a form of living sound.

Appearances Edit

  • The Plain of Sound (1964), by Ramsey Campbell.
  • The Voice of the Animals (2006), by Christopher Smith Adair.
  • The White People (1904), by Arthur Macken.

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