The Afflicted are a type of enemy creature appearing in the video game Resident Evil Revelations 2. They are human beings that have been altered through a combination of viral injection and various forms of torture. They are encountered in Claire Redfield's campaign.

History Edit

The Afflicted were human beings subjected to inhumane experiments by Alex Wesker on Sushestvovanie Island as part of her research into the concept of fear and human survival. The subjects were forcibly injected with T-Phobos, a viral agent that was triggered by fear, and were then brutally tortured. The virus would activate when the host experienced extreme terror which then caused the host to mutate and become extremely violent.

Biology Edit

An Afflicted appears much like a normal human, though its body is covered with scars and wounds as a result of invasive torture methods. The T-Phobos virus has also caused the Afflicted to develop lesions and sores all over the body. Some Afflicted may develop large tumours on their heads which present an easily exploited weakness.

Despite their clearly injured state, the Afflicted are remarkably resilient. They barely react to physical assault and can run, jump and navigate obstacles.

Behaviour Edit

Driven mad by a combination of isolation, agonizing pain and the virus that permeates their being, the Afflicted behave in a savage, psychotic manner. Upon mutation, the Afflicted lose all sense of fear and enter a manic state of euphoria. They are driven to attack and kill any non-Afflicted they encounter, usually by biting and scratching, though they are intelligent enough to use objects as blunt-force weapons.

Having spent a great deal of time locked away in a dark prison, the Afflicted are highly sensitive to light, both psychologically and physically. Bright light will leave an Afflicted dazed and vulnerable; the beam of a flashlight can even cause an Afflicted's skin to sizzle slightly and shining a light directly upon the pustules covering their bodies will cause them to burst.

Mutations Edit

Two variations of Afflicted are known to exist.

  • Sploder - An Afflicted completely enveloped by volatile pustules which will violently explode.
  • Rotten - A dead Afflicted that has been reanimated as a zombie by the high percentage of T cells in T-Phobos.

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