Concept Adjule

Adule are canine B.O.W.'s that appear in Resident Evil 5. These creatures were created by TRICELL through the process of infecting African hunting dogs and even hyenas with the Type 2 Plaga. In this respect, Adjule are much like the Colmillos encountered in Resident Evil 4.

Canines infected with the Type 2 Plaga undergo a certain degree of cellular damage, with patches of fur falling away and peeling skin. The dogs' aggression is greatly heightened and they will attack uninfected creatures without provocation. The most unusual aspect of the Adjule is that their heads are capable of splitting open, revealing a gaping maw filled with large fangs.


Adjule always attack in packs and will try to encircle prey and trap them. Shotguns are the best weapons to use against them since the blast radius can strike more than one Adjule in a single shot. Flash grenades are also useful for killing them instantly when their heads split open.