The achaierai is a large flightless bird creature from the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. These outsiders are said to reside on the Outer Planes of Banehold and Acheron.

Description Edit

Achaierai have oval-shaped bodies supported by 10-foot long legs, reaching a maximum height of 15 feet. Each leg ends with four-digit feet, each toe ending in a sharp black talon. The body of an achaierai is covered with fiery orange feathers with green and aquamarine feathers adorning its short wings.

Psychology Edit

Achaierai are sentient and utterly evil. They are vicious predators that like to toy with their victims, prolonging their prey's suffering as long as they can before it dies. Achaierai speak Infernal.

Abilities Edit

  • Magic Resistance - Achaierai take reduced damage from magic-based attacks.
  • Toxic Cloud - Achaierai can expel a noxious black fog from their beaks. This fog can poison victims in both body and mind, driving them to madness.

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