Abstract daddy
Abstract Daddy
, also known as Ideal Father or the Doorman, is a monster appearing in Silent Hill 2. It is a creature created by Angela Oresco, rather than the game's protagonist, James Sunderland. This is because they represent the abuse Angela suffered from her father. It is theorised that it could also represent abusive masculinity, hence why James can see it too. It attacks by lunging at its victim, bashing them with its "frame", or by using its mouth to suffocate or possibly eat them.


The Abstract Daddy appears as two figures lying on a bed, covered in a "blanket" of putrid skin, with the two forms apparently having intercourse. The two figures seem to be trapped in a rectangular board, with the "male" or upper figure's arms and legs dangling out the bottom. It moves on all fours, and the lower portion of the beast has the appearance of a bed with four posts. The lower figure screams in torment, likely a reference to Angela's abuse.