Wh4k faust mutant by recklesscharge-d5gx7zu

An example of a Nightsider-class Abhuman

are mutant descendents of baseline humans, appearing throughout the Warhammer 40,000 universe. Appearing on countless worlds, evolving to fit the extreme environments of their homeworlds. During the Great Crusade, abhumans were treated equally to humans, even being allowed to serve amongst the Imperial Army. However, since the Emperor's stasis in the Golden Throne, only lesser abhumans may serve amongst the Guard, with markedly divergent species such as Beastmen being considered heretics. Abhumans are generally viewed with distrust by humans in general. There are roughly seventy-three different strains of abhuman in the Imperium, of which forty-six have been declared extinct and a further twelve are on the verge of, due to lack of contact with Imperial representatives. However, only the more notable strains are known by name.