The Aazelion is a large immobile creature encountered by Samus Aran within the planet Phaaze in Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. It has five eyes, along with a pair of claws that it uses to capture and then hold its prey as it is slowly pulled towards its giant open jaws. It was seen living in the wall of the Hatcher Shaft, waiting for prey, such as Samus, to fall into its personal space. It is most likely a species of passive predators, waiting for potential prey to come by it, based upon its "observed" sedentary lifestyle. Its tongue, which appears to be an inner, secondary jaw, appears to be a weak part, and is for some unknown reason directly attached to its five eyes, since they are seen exploding as it is damaged.

It is extremely difficult to escape from this creature without taking massive damage in Hyper Mode, since the amount of damage needed for the creature to weaken its grip is very high to the given time for Samus to inflict said damage.

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