The ADR-01: Jeri Type is a major antagonist in the anime series Digimon Tamers. It is a spy type agent that is at the same time a separate being and a part of the D-Reaper's artificial intelligence, based and modeled after Jeri Kato, Takato Matsuda's friend. It was created after the program kidnapped Jeri and used her negative energy and sorrow for Leomon's death to feed itself and follow the Tamers into the Real World. As the name implies, it is the first agent created by the D-Reaper.

Role in the anime

The agent first appears in it's disguised form (a perfect replica of Jeri with red eyes) after the Tamers defeat the "Chaos" in the Digital World, and travel back to the Real World.Some time after their return, the D-Reaper follows the Tamers as well and begins to consume the Hypnos Corporation's HQ (the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building and the area around it. During a fight with some of the D-Reaper's agents, Gallantmon falls inside and de-digivolved into Takato and Guilmon.Inside, the agent finally reveals itself and tries to throw Takato into depression and sorrow. When it fails, it is given the order to destroy them, only to be stopped by MarineAngemon's "Kahuna Wave" attack (made of positive energy), which allows them to escape. It is later seen in the Kernel Sphere harming Jeri's already low self-esteem, before being absorbed along with ADR-09: Gatekeeper to form the Mother D-Reaper.What remained of the agent's data was separated into two diferent functions and lines of defense: its face was used as a cannon on the Mother D-Reaper's mid-structure, and the faceless body was used against Gallantmon Crimson Mode in the final episode. After the agent tried to pull Gallantmon into the Mother D-Reaper's body, it taunted Takato by saying that Digimon and humans don't deserve to exist, only to be punched by him after his answer of "you don't", and the agent was finally destroyed for good.

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